Junk Removal  House Clearance Kildare Based in Greater Dublin and offering a nationwide service, Junk Removal can declutter your property by removing any household items, including unwanted furniture, personal effects, and waste. Whether you need to get rid of a few bits and pieces or face the difficult task of clearing a loved one’s home, we are here to help with efficient and professional service. Our services include garage clearance, attic clearance, shed clearance, office clearance, and storage unit clearance to ensure your space is thoroughly decluttered.

House Clearance Kildare in 5 Easy Steps: Junk Removal Perspective

Free Quote: Reach out to our team for a detailed quote tailored to your specific needs, whether it’s attic, garage, basement, or shed clearance in Kildare. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive estimate to help you plan your junk removal project.

Schedule House Clearance Kildare: We offer flexible scheduling to fit your timetable, be it during the week or on weekends. Our services extend beyond residential to include storage unit and office clearance, ensuring we can accommodate your busy life.

House Clearance Kildare : On the appointed day, our experienced house clearance team will arrive fully equipped and ready to clear your property efficiently. From attic and garage to basement clearance, we handle all junk removal tasks with precision and care.

Sorting and Recycling: Before we begin, please set aside any items you wish to keep. This allows us to focus on sorting and recycling the remaining objects. We pride ourselves on our eco-friendly approach, managing everything from shed to storage unit clearance.

Review Our House Clearance Kildare: After we’ve completed the job and your house is spotless, we invite you to leave feedback. Your reviews help future customers find reliable house clearance services in Dublin. Our commitment to thorough junk removal—from office to garage clearance—ensures every area is decluttered to your satisfaction.

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Declutter Your Space with Expert House Clearance Kildare

House clearance Kildare is a service which entails clearing unwanted items from either part of, or an entire house. People use house clearance services when they have too many items to clear by themselves, or when they want to clear a specific room or area from general clutter, such as a garage, shed, attic, or basement. If you choose Junk Removal  House Clearance Kildare services, our uniformed team will arrive at your premises ready to fill their removal van with everything you want to clear. Once we’ve collected your items, we’ll tidy up before we go, leaving your property exactly as we found it, only considerably less cluttered. Declutter Your Space with Expert House Clearance Services in Kildare. Whether you’re moving, renovating, or simply seeking to reclaim valuable space in your home, Junk Removal provides professional house clearance services tailored to your needs. Our dedicated team in Kildare specializes in efficiently and responsibly clearing out unwanted items from any part of your house, ensuring a hassle-free experience from start to finish. With our comprehensive service, you can trust us to handle everything from furniture disposal to clearing out attics, garages,sheds, offices and more. Let us help you transform your space by removing the clutter and restoring order to your home.

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    Though many customers want their houses cleared when moving out or as part of a home makeover, sometimes the circumstances surrounding a clearance can be difficult. That’s why we have an experienced and trained team who are prepared to handle delicate clearances sensitively and carefully.Whether you’re dealing with the aftermath of a bereavement, managing a hoarding situation, or facing any other challenging scenario, our team approaches each clearance with empathy and professionalism. We understand the emotional and logistical complexities involved, and we’re dedicated to making the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. You can trust us to manage your clearance needs with the utmost care and respect.


    Compulsive hoarding disorder is a serious condition that can have major consequences for any property. Dealing with hoarded properties can be overwhelming, which is why our team is specially trained to handle hoarding cleaning services in Dublin with sensitivity and efficiency.We understand the unique challenges that come with hoarding situations and approach each project with compassion and respect. Our specialists are equipped to manage the removal of accumulated items, ensuring a thorough clean-up while maintaining the dignity of those affected. We also focus on organizing and disposing of items responsibly, helping to restore the property to a safe and livable condition. Trust us to provide the support and expertise needed to navigate this difficult process.


    We remove waste and unwanted items from offices and workspaces, making your work easier, whether you’re moving locations, closing down, or just getting rid of old office furniture. No matter the size of the project, our hardworking team can complete it efficiently and handle disposal responsibly afterward.Our services cover everything from desks, chairs, and filing cabinets to electronic waste and general office clutter. We ensure that recyclable materials are processed correctly and that all waste is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. By choosing us, you can focus on your business while we take care of the heavy lifting and cleanup, leaving your workspace clear and organized.


    We specialize in the comprehensive removal of all unwanted debris and clutter from your loft space, offering services ranging from furniture disposal to strategic rearrangement tailored to your preferences. This invaluable assistance is often sought prior to loft conversion, decontamination, or other renovation endeavors. With our trained team at your service, you not only receive meticulous care in clearing your loft but also benefit from expert advice on optimizing storage solutions for maximum functionality and convenience.


    Just like house clearances, shed clearances can sometimes be emotionally challenging or logistically complex. Our team understands this and is equipped to handle delicate shed clearances with sensitivity and care.Whether you’re dealing with the loss of a loved one, addressing a hoarding situation, or facing any other difficult circumstances, we approach each shed clearance with empathy and professionalism. We recognize the emotional attachment and practical considerations involved in sorting through shed belongings, and we’re committed to making the process as smooth and stress-free as possible for you.Rest assured that when you choose us for your shed clearance needs, you’re entrusting the task to a team that values compassion, respect, and integrity. We’ll work diligently to clear your shed space while treating your belongings and situation with the utmost care and consideration.


    Our garage cleaning specialists can remove all unwanted items from your garage, leaving you free room to reclaim your garage. All you have to do is decide what stays or goes and leave the rest to us. Trust that any waste we remove will be disposed of appropriately. Our team is equipped to handle everything from old furniture and appliances to boxes of miscellaneous junk. We sort through the items with care, ensuring that anything recyclable or donatable is processed accordingly. We aim to minimize landfill waste by prioritizing eco-friendly disposal methods. With our efficient and thorough service, you can enjoy a clean, organized garage without the hassle. Let us transform your cluttered space into a functional area you can be proud of.

Comprehensive House Clearance Kildare and Junk Removal Kildare

Our House Clearance Kildare provides a comprehensive and efficient junk removal service tailored to meet all your decluttering needs. We handle a wide variety of items, ensuring that your living space is free from unwanted junk. Our services cover the removal of furniture, including sofas, beds, and closets, which can be cumbersome and challenging to dispose of. We also specialize in the removal of electrical items and white goods such as refrigerator freezers, washing machines, and tumble dryers, ensuring they are disposed of responsibly. Personal items like general mess, garments, and ornaments are carefully handled and removed to restore order to your home.

For heavier and bulkier items like pianos and safes, our team is equipped to manage the logistics, ensuring safe and efficient removal. Domestic rubbish removal is another critical aspect of our service, covering everything from scrap and household waste to clutter and hazardous materials that require specialized handling. We also manage the disposal of carpets and rugs, garden furniture, and garden waste, including branches, leaves, grass, and soil, keeping your outdoor spaces tidy and well-maintained.

Our expertise extends to the removal of waste timber and wood, DIY waste from home improvement projects, and old appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, and dryers. We also cater to the disposal of electronics, including televisions, computers, and printers, ensuring that e-waste is handled properly. For those looking to clear out exercise equipment like treadmills and exercise bikes, or outdoor gear like bicycles, our service is equipped to manage these items efficiently. Additionally, we handle the removal of books and magazines, providing a thorough and all-encompassing house clearance service.

House Clearance Kildare

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The Benefits of House Clearance Kildare: Why Decluttering is Good for You and Your Home


Decluttering Kildare: Clearing out unnecessary items from your home can create more space and make it easier to organize, resulting in a more functional and enjoyable living environment.

Moving Kildare: If you are moving to a new home, decluttering through house clearance can make it easier to pack and move only what you need, reducing the stress and effort involved in relocating.

Estate Settlements Kildare: Clearing out a loved one’s home after they have passed away can be emotionally difficult, but it’s necessary to handle the estate. Professional House Clearance Kildare can provide compassionate and efficient support during this challenging time.

Renovations: If you’re planning on renovating your home, House Clearance Kildare can help make the process smoother and less cluttered. Removing unnecessary items can give you a clear space to work with, facilitating a more efficient renovation.

Safety: Cluttered homes can be hazardous, especially if there are elderly people or children living there. House clearance can help remove potential safety hazards, making your home safer for everyone.

Health: Clutter can impact mental health by creating stress and anxiety. A clear space can improve overall well-being by promoting a more peaceful and organized environment.

Resale Value: Clearing out unwanted items from your home can make it more presentable and potentially increase its resale value. A decluttered home is more attractive to potential buyers.

Time-Saving: Hiring a professional house clearance service can save time and effort compared to doing it yourself. Professionals can handle the heavy lifting and disposal, allowing you to focus on other important tasks.

Environmentally Friendly: Responsible disposal of unwanted items through house clearance can prevent them from ending up in landfills. Many house clearance services recycle or donate items, reducing environmental impact.

Cost-Effective: By clearing out unwanted items, you can potentially save money on storage costs and avoid unnecessary purchases. A decluttered home can also reduce maintenance costs and improve energy efficiency.

Here is a list of services we offer to our clients in Kildare through Junk Removal, with a brief description of each:


  • Bed disposal: Efficient removal and disposal of old or unwanted beds.
  • Table disposal: Safe and responsible disposal of tables of any size.
  • Living room clearance: Comprehensive clearing of all living room items and furniture.
  • Sheds clearance: Professional clearing and disposal of shed contents.
  • Kitchen clearance: Removal and disposal of kitchen appliances and furniture.
  • Conservatory clearance: Clearing out conservatory spaces quickly and efficiently.
  • Basements clearance: Thorough removal of all items from basement areas.
  • Garages clearance: Complete clearing of garage spaces, including heavy items.
  • Bikes disposal: Responsible disposal of old or unused bicycles.
  • Kids toys disposal: Safe removal of unwanted or broken children’s toys.
  • General waste removal: Disposal of various types of general household waste.
  • Sofa disposal: Hassle-free removal and disposal of sofas and couches.
  • Gardens clearance: Clearing garden waste and unwanted items from your yard.
  • Mattress disposal: Efficient disposal of old or damaged mattresses.
  • Fridges and radiators disposal: Safe removal and disposal of fridges and radiators.
  • Household clearance: Complete clearance of all household items and furniture.
  • Lofts & attic spaces clearance: Clearing and disposal of items from lofts and attics.


  • House clearance Kildare involves removing unwanted items from specific rooms or entire properties.

  • It’s often sought when individuals have too many items to clear independently or when preparing for a move or renovation.

  • Services can extend to clearing out cluttered areas like garages, sheds, attics, and basements.

  • Junk Removal offers professional House clearance in Kildare, providing a hassle-free solution for decluttering needs.

  • Our uniformed team arrives equipped to fill their removal van with all items designated for clearance.

  • We handle all aspects of the clearance process, from sorting and packing to removal and disposal.

  • Our team ensures the property is left tidy and clutter-free once the clearance is complete.

  • Whether you’re downsizing, upgrading, or simply seeking a fresh start, house clearance services streamline the process.

  • Junk Removal caters to residential clients, landlords, and property management companies.

  • We prioritize responsible disposal methods, recycling and donating items whenever possible to minimize waste.

  • Our services are customizable to fit your specific needs, whether you require a full house clearance or clearance of specific areas.

  • Trust Junk Removal for efficient, reliable, and respectful house clearance & attic clearance services in Dublin.

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Looking for a tailored House Clearance Kildare? At Junk Removal, we go above and beyond to meet your unique needs. Whether it’s hoarder clearance, attic clearance, or shed clearance, we’re here to exceed your expectations. Our dedicated team is committed to providing comprehensive solutions, ensuring every aspect of your clearance project is handled with care and efficiency. Trust us to declutter your space and create a fresh start for your home. Contact us today to experience our exceptional service firsthand

House Clearance Kildare: FAQs Answered from a Junk Removal Perspective

What does house clearance mean?

  • House clearance involves the removal of unwanted items and clutter from a property, typically in preparation for moving, renovation, or decluttering.
  • Example: Removing old furniture, appliances, and other belongings from a house that is being sold or undergoing renovation.

Who pays for house clearance?

  • The cost of house clearance is typically paid for by the homeowner or the individual requesting the service.
  • Example: A family hiring a junk removal company to clear out their deceased relative’s home would typically cover the expenses.

Will house clearance take everything?

  • House clearance services can remove most items, but there may be exceptions, such as hazardous materials or items restricted by local regulations.
  • Example: Junk removal companies may not be able to dispose of items like asbestos or certain chemicals.

What is the best way to clear a house?

  • The best way to clear a house depends on factors such as the amount of clutter, the type of items to be removed, and the homeowner’s preferences. However, hiring a professional junk removal service can often be the most efficient and stress-free option.
  • Example: Hiring a reputable junk removal company with experience in house clearances to handle the entire process.

How much does it cost to clear a house?

  • The cost of clearing a house varies depending on factors such as the size of the property, the amount of clutter, and the specific services required. On average, prices can range from a few hundred to several thousand euros.
  • Example: A small apartment clearance may cost less than clearing a large family home with extensive clutter.

Do local councils do house clearance?

  • Some local councils may offer house clearance services, particularly for properties where the owner has passed away and there are no relatives to handle the clearance.
  • Example: A local council may arrange for the clearance of a deceased person’s home if there are no family members available to oversee the process.

How long does it take to clear a house?

  • The time required to clear a house depends on factors such as the size of the property, the amount of clutter, and the efficiency of the clearance team. It can range from a few hours to several days.
  • Example: A small apartment with minimal clutter may be cleared in a single day, while a large house with extensive belongings may take several days to complete.

How do I arrange my house clearance?

  • To arrange a house clearance, you can contact a reputable junk removal company and schedule a consultation. During the consultation, the company will assess your needs and provide a quote for the clearance service.
  • Example: Contacting a local junk removal company and scheduling an appointment for them to visit the property and provide an estimate for the clearance.

How long does a clearance take?

  • The duration of a clearance depends on factors such as the size of the property, the amount of clutter, and the efficiency of the clearance team. It can range from a few hours to several days.
  • Example: A small house clearance may be completed in a single day, while a larger property may require multiple days to fully clear.

What is the purpose of a clearance?

  • The purpose of a clearance is to remove unwanted items and clutter from a property, allowing for a fresh start, whether it’s preparing for a move, renovation, or simply decluttering.
  • Example: Clearing out old furniture and belongings from a house to make it more appealing to potential buyers.

What is the house clearance operation?

  • A house clearance operation involves the systematic removal of items from a property, typically carried out by a team of professionals.
  • Example: A junk removal company sending a team to a property to assess the amount of clutter, sort through belongings, and remove unwanted items efficiently.



Comprehensive House Clearance Kildare and Junk Removal Services in Kildare


Our House Clearance Kildare provides a comprehensive and efficient junk removal service tailored to meet all your decluttering needs. We handle a wide array of items, ensuring that every corner of your home is free from unwanted clutter. Our services encompass the removal of furniture, including sofas, beds, and closets, as well as electrical items and white goods such as refrigerator freezers, washing machines, and tumble dryers. We also take care of personal items like general mess, garments, and ornaments, along with heavy and bulky items like pianos and safes. Domestic rubbish removal is another critical aspect of our service, covering everything from scrap and household waste to clutter and hazardous materials.

In addition to these, we manage the disposal of carpets and rugs, garden furniture, and garden waste including branches, leaves, grass, and soil, keeping your outdoor spaces tidy. Our expertise extends to the removal of waste timber and wood, DIY waste, old appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, and dryers, as well as electronics including televisions, computers, and printers. For those looking to clear out exercise equipment like treadmills and exercise bikes, or outdoor gear like bicycles, our service is equipped to handle these items efficiently.

Furthermore, we address the disposal of books and magazines, office furniture and supplies, construction debris, mattresses and bedding, kitchenware including pots, pans, dishes, and utensils, and even toys and games. Seasonal decorations, luggage and travel bags, patio and outdoor equipment, pet supplies and accessories, clothing and footwear, musical instruments, and art and craft supplies are all within our scope of service.

Our team is dedicated to providing a thorough and professional house clearance service, ensuring that your home is left clutter-free and revitalized. Let us handle the heavy lifting and meticulous sorting, providing you with a clean, organized space without the stress and hassle. Choose our House Clearance in Kildare for a reliable, all-encompassing junk removal solution that caters to every aspect of decluttering your home.

Discover the Best House Clearance Kildare with Junk Removal Kildare

When it comes to House Clearance Kildare, you deserve a service that is reliable, efficient, and affordable. Look no further than Junk Removal , based in Dublin, offering all that and more. With a team of experienced professionals and state-of-the-art equipment, we provide high-quality House Clearance Kildare services that will leave your House Spotless.

At Junk Removal , we offer House Clearance across numerous areas, including Dublin 2, Dublin 4, Dublin 7, Dublin 8, Dublin 15, Athy, Adamstown, Artane, Ashbourne, Ashtown, Balbriggan, Baldoyle, Balgriffin, Ballinteer, Ballsbridge, Ballycullen, Ballyfermot, Ballymount, Ballymun, Beaumont, Blackrock, Blanchardstown, Blessington, Booterstown, Bray, Cabinteely, Cabra, Carrickmines, Celbridge, Chapelizod, Churchtown, Citywest, Clane, Clondalkin, Clonee, Clonsilla, Clonskeagh, Clontarf, Coolock, Crumlin, Deansgrange, Delgany, Donaghmede, Donnybrook, Donnycarney, Drimnagh, Drumcondra, Dundrum, Dun Laoghaire, Dalkey, East Wall, Enfield, Fairview, Finglas, Foxrock, Glasnevin, Glasthule, Glenageary, Greenhills, Harold’s Cross, Hollystown, Howth, Inchicore, Irishtown, Kilbarrack, Kildare, Killester, Killiney, Kilmacud, Kilternan, Kimmage, Kinsealy, Knocklyon, Leixlip, Leopardstown, Liffey Valley, Loughlinstown, Lucan, Monkstown, Mount Merrion, Mulhuddart, Malahide, Naas, Newbridge, Newcastle, Palmerstown, Portmarnock, Portobello, Raheny, Ranelagh, Rathcoole, Rathfarnham, Rathgar, Rathmines, Rialto, Ringsend, Rochestown, Rush, Saggart, Sandycove, Sandyford, Sandymount, Shankill, Skerries, Stepaside, Sutton, Swords, Tallaght, Templeogue, Terenure, Tyrrellstown, Walkinstown, Wicklow, Carlow, and Kildare.

Kildare is a historic town in County Kildare, Ireland, with a population of 10,302 as of 2022, ranking as the 7th largest town in the county. Renowned for its rich cultural heritage, Kildare is home to the iconic Kildare Cathedral, a site of significant historical importance. The cathedral marks the location of an ancient abbey believed to have been founded by Saint Brigid of Kildare in the 5th century, making it a key landmark in Ireland’s ecclesiastical history.

Beyond its historical and religious significance, Kildare is also geographically notable for its proximity to the Curragh, a vast plain located to the east of the town. The Curragh is known for its extensive grasslands, which have long been associated with Irish horse racing and military training.

Kildare’s blend of historical depth and contemporary growth makes it a unique and vibrant community, offering residents and visitors a glimpse into Ireland’s past while providing modern amenities and a strong sense of local identity.